Passing for Human: Dispatches from the Kernel

The Probable Future is the future we can see is predictable from the trajectory we are on,  If we do nothing, if we assume we are merely passengers, spectators, witnesses.  If we do not ourselves ACT.  The future minus our intervention is the probable future. Islands of opulence in an ocean of misery.  Thousands living in luxury and billions in poverty.  Where the military might of the rich is used simply to control the anguish of the poor.

“We have touched  the very beginnings of that future. it is a future of justice for all, and sufficiency for all.”

Our other choice is the Possible Future.  We have touched  the very beginnings of that future. it is a future of justice for all, and sufficiency for all.  It is a future of expanding workability and environmental sanity.  A reconciliation in the relationship between humans and each other, and between humans and the Earth, a reunion of humanity with nature.  It is the future that is attainable, but only if we take action. Only if we wrest it from the sky, reach out and make it ours.  We need to achieve that future.  It will not be delivered unto us. We have to go get it.

This is not unprecedented. We ourselves are living in the Possible Future that was gifted to us by our parents and grandparents.  They who set aside their personal lives to take up arms in resistance to the dark and cruel world that was looming out of the axis of Fascist Germany and Imperial Japan.  We are the beneficiaries of the legacy of light and freedom that they won for us.  They saw the trajectory of the world toward fascism, and made the choice to ACT.  

We live in the future they made for us. A precious gift bestowed upon us at tremendous cost and sacrifice.  What then is our responsibility, not only to our children, but also to our forebears?  They did their Great Work.  Let us do ours.



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